Matrax Tyres makes history at Dakar 2024


Matrax Tyres, an AB Tyres brand, made history by "driving" the Classic-UMM team to the finish line of Dakar 2024, a competition in which, as a rule, over 40% of participants give up and do not reach the end of the race.

After 13 days of competition, achieving the podium placement of a car over 30 years old in one of the world's most prestigious motorsport competitions is truly incredible and only within reach of the best and most resilient.

In total, 7891 kilometers were covered on asphalt, sand, or amidst rocks and potholes, which immediately reveals the critical role that tyres play in the unfolding and completion of this adventure.

Designed for the most demanding terrains, Veragua M/T tyres proved to be true champions by demonstrating their superior grip and unparalleled durability, helping the Classic-UMM Team achieve their dream.

The commitment to developing a highly technological range of tyres, based on rigorous quality control and highly regulated safety standards, once again revealed that the Matrax Tyres brand is the right choice for discerning and demanding motorists who value a perfect combination of comfort, durability, safety, and performance.

For André Bandeira, Managing Director of AB Tyres, "it is a great pride to be part of this story of overcoming challenges. Congratulations to João Costa, Luís Galvão, Caros Barbosa, known in the industry as 'Tucha', to the entire team involved, and of course, to our Matrax Tyres brand for the exemplary performance of Veragua M/T tyres."

In addition to Matrax Tyres, Alves Bandeira also embarked on this adventure as one of the main sponsors of the Classic-UMM Team.

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Matrax Tyres makes history at Dakar 2024