We have more than 45 years of excellence

The Founder

A story of success

Coming from a humble family, Cassiano Alves Bandeira decides to quit school at the age of 12 to start working with his father in the carpentry business.

Later, at the age of 17, he decides to embark after his dream and go to live alone in Lisbon, where he worked for 9 years as a waiter in some of the most reputable local restaurants.

The Founder

In 1958, Cassiano, at only 26 years of age, as a result of his entrepreneurial and visionary spirit, decides to open his first gas station in Góis, Portugal. 

Throughout his personal and professional life, Cassiano always defended that only with ethics and work it would be possible to create a management philosophy focused on the customer and based on a close relationship, friendship and trust.

Cassiano can be proud of his personal and professional legacy, and especially because every day he sees the management philosophy created very present in all employees that worked and still work in the Alves Bandeira Group.

Alves Bandeira

A widespread network of gas stations

In 1974, already with 4 petrol stations, the company Alves Bandeira was officially established and, six years later, its first installations were inaugurated in Vale de Vaz, Vila nova de Poiares, Portugal.

The following 40 years were years of continuous and sustained growth, as a result, on one hand, of the expansion of the petrol station network and, on the other hand, by the beginning and, later, by the internationalization of the new tires and lubricants businesses.

Alves Bandeira

The Alves Bandeira Group

One of the leading operators in the energy sectors in Portugal

In 2014, the result of an unexpected merger between three competitors in the fuel sector, the new Alves Bandeira Group was born.

This atypical move in the business world would end up boosting business at national and international level and being the key to the creation of an economic group of national and international reference.

The Alves Bandeira Group