Discover the Alves Bandeira Academy and Its Excellence-Oriented Training

The Alves Bandeira Academy is part of the 100% national brand universe and was established in 2015 to provide each employee within its network of fuel stations with appropriate training for their roles. This training is provided by specialized professionals who are prepared to address any knowledge needs that may arise.

The project's innovation lies in tailoring actions to employees and the business sector while ensuring the cross-cutting nature of the topics covered. It places a strong emphasis on practicality, focusing on integrating the daily know-how of the workers to ensure effective results. The foundation of the training is based on three fundamental driving forces for acquiring new knowledge to adopt new customer service processes: Excellence, Customer Loyalty, and Organization.

While the primary objective is knowledge transfer, there is another equally important goal: to welcome ideas, suggestions, and concerns from the teams of employees who engage in daily customer interactions.

"With a network comprising over 170 Fuel Stations, we aim to keep the teams motivated and well-trained, but above all, to ensure excellent service to all customers. We want to be the customer's trusted partner and provide them with the best consumer experience supported by outstanding service, characterized by friendliness, proximity, and professionalism," says José Fialho, Retail Director of Alves Bandeira.

Since 2015, the Alves Bandeira Academy has been promoting the training in Excellent Reception and Customer Service across its entire network of fuel stations and dealers, involving approximately 500 employees.
Alves Bandeira Academy