Alves Bandeira, the Energy that Powered the Motocross World Championship in Agueda, Portugal.


At the beginning of May, the city of Águeda became the focal point of the motocross world by hosting one of the most eagerly anticipated stages of the Motocross World Championship, the MXGP. The event, held on one of the most iconic tracks globally, brought a weekend filled with speed, excitement, and high-level competition.

To provide the energy that powered the MXGP during these two days, the event organizers chose the Alves Bandeira brand. Besides ensuring the fuel supply, Alves Bandeira also joined as one of the main sponsors of this spectacular event.

In total, more than 100 elite riders from various countries participated, bringing a wide range of styles and strategies that only the best in the world can offer.

Among the participants were the top names in motocross, who delivered a true spectacle of skill, consequently elevating the adrenaline and enthusiasm levels of the more than 30,000 attendees.

For two days, fans were thrilled with every jump, every turn, and every overtaking maneuver, creating an electrifying atmosphere that captivated everyone present.

The event was extensively broadcasted, both by specialized television channels and streaming platforms, reaching over a million people worldwide.

The international coverage helped solidify Águeda and Portugal's reputation as a premier destination for hosting and organizing motorsport events.

Pedro Mascarenhas, Marketing Director of the Alves Bandeira Group, confidently stated, "It was a great honor to once again be the sponsor and energy provider for the MXGP of Águeda. Associating with a prestigious global event, held and organized in Portugal, especially in a municipality where we have several stations, demonstrates our commitment to both local community involvement and the continuous support for the development of sports in Portugal."

Alves Bandeira, the Energy that Powered the Motocross World Championship in Agueda, Portugal.