Alves Bandeira Group and Pedrinhas bring joy to Easter at Coimbra's Pediatric Hospital


The Alves Bandeira Group, together with the Cooperative of Social Solidarity, Pedrinhas, which helps children with oncological or other equally serious diseases - have rejoined, now at Easter, to cheer the day of all children hospitalized at Coimbra's Pediatric Hospital.


The day counted with the presence of the teams of the Alves Bandeira Group, Pedrinhas, and Pediatric Hospital, but it was the mascots, Albi and his friend Pedrinhongo, who shone the most on this day dedicated to children.


In addition to the joy and animation inherent in the presence of any mascot, all children received an "Albi’s Improvement Kit" consisting of a paint book, a set of crayons, a yo-yo, and even an Albi magnet! The parents and people accompanying the children received a Pedrinhas card, which allows them to refuel with a discount of 6 cents per liter in Alves Bandeira's network of gas stations. In addition to the discount, the 100% national company with more than 170 stations distributed from north to south of Portugal, also offers a donation of up to 2 cents for each liter supplied that reverts fully to Pedrinhas.


"Cooperating with Pedrinhas and with the Pediatric Hospital is always fantastic. The Easter action that we have carried out today is part of a set of initiatives for children that we intend to carry out through the year, and from this month on, all hospitalized children will receive the new Albi Improvement Kit so that we can help the days seem shorter", says Pedro Mascarenhas, Marketing Director of the Alves Bandeira Group.


We recall that in 2020 the Alves Bandeira Group took the initiative to offer the subscription of children’s television channels to the Pediatric Hospital of Coimbra, which has proved to be a real asset for all children who have been hospitalized.

Alves Bandeira Group at the pediatric hospital of coimbra